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CEMA Ltd was founded by Frank Ciaurro in 1987 in Nottingham and has grown to become one of the leading electrical engineering companies in the United Kingdom, specialising in understanding and meeting the requirements of the UK water industry. As customer requirements evolved, so the CEMA Group was formed to meet those needs by expanding CEMA Ltd’s existing resources and skillsets, and by acquiring and developing complementary businesses.

The pressure on the water and waste water industries to perform is immense, but CEMA Ltd combines an unparalleled understanding of the requirements of the sector with an unrivalled expertise in systems design and implementation to support our clients in meeting these challenges. Our capabilities span the design, manufacture, installation, test, commissioning and lifecycle support of electrical systems. We tightly integrate all the key disciplines of electrical, instrumentation and systems integration to ensure that we have all the skills we need under one roof to develop control and automation systems.

CEMA Ltd are adept at manufacturing both standard and custom-designed Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Boards, Conventional & Intelligent Motor Control Centres (MCCs) and Control Panels of all sizes and configurations that don't simply meet customer requirements, but also add value to help our clients run their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively.


We lead the field in the design of MCCs and, in particular Intelligent MCCs, taking advantage of the power and facilities of emerging control technologies. Our intelligent MCCs offer shorter installation times, increased flexibility, greater levels of control and far greater levels of diagnostic information for preventive maintenance.

As CEMA Ltd manufacture our own metalwork each assembly can be custom built to specific orders and comply with client general and specific plant specifications, along with any other National and/or International standards required. CEMA Ltd can provide LV Assemblies constructed from Form 1 through to Form 4, configured either front or rear access or a combination of both. Incoming cable entry can be top, bottom entry or combination of both. Ingress Protection is supplied in the standard formats of IP31, IP54 and IP65. Busbar ratings range from none fault rated through to 80ka for 1 second systems with motor controlled offered from fixed speed Direct on Line (DOL) starting through to Low Harmonic Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

CEMA Ltd provide Intelligent Motor Control Centres(IMCC) constructed in compliance with the same standards as their Conventional Motor Control Centres with our intelligent MCCs offering shorter installation times, increased flexibility, greater levels of control and far greater levels of diagnostic information for preventive maintenance. e believe Intelligent Motor Control centres represent the future for MCCs in the water industry, among other sectors. Traditional MCCs, with their pushbutton controls and reliance on lamps for feedback do little to meet the needs of modern water companies, either in terms of ease of installation or of providing the levels of information required to run processes efficiently. Intelligent motor control centres, by contrast, offer shorter installation times, increased flexibility, greater levels of control and far greater levels of diagnostic information.

Motor Control Centres (MCC) constructed around Intelligent Motor Control make it simple to decentralise motors by using open network technology and Integrated Architecture. The intelligent MCCs feature built-in pre-configured networks to allow engineers to access the full spectrum of data available from today's intelligent devices. The devices deliver an array of operation and electrical information, including predictive alerts that notify operators of problems prior to system failures.

Highlighting exactly how an Intelligent MCC can benefit customers, whilst showing how these MCCs are designed and implemented, of course requires a demonstration system. CEMA Ltd have a specific intelligent motor control demo panel that has been built to current industry standards, and which greatly assist the end users in adopting this new technology by helping to reduce the risk of unknowns. In addition the demo panel promotes active discussions on how using 'intelligent' control panels can support the customer's infrastructure and asset base by monitoring asset life, providing real time decisions on energy use and aid other optimising functions such as energy and asset condition.

Electrical Design

Our Electrical Design engineering division provides unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of high quality, technologically advanced control and automation systems. Over 140 highly qualified engineering staff working across 2700m² of purpose built facilities offer unparalleled expertise in developing projects for major UK water companies, from single control cabinets to large infrastructure changes.


We continually challenge accepted thinking, traditional designs and conventional methods of working to ensure that continuous improvement becomes normal procedure. We constantly review new technologies as they are introduced onto the market, assessing how they can be used to improve control and the ability to gather, store and manage critical data streams. This information can be used to directly influence a business and its ability to optimise and manage assets under its control.


In everything we do, we recognise that our customers face pressures not only to implement the best systems, but to do so within optimal timescales. We facilitate these seemingly conflicting requirements by:


  • Standardising design to speed project changes
  • Using advanced software that reduces engineering time
  • Implementing flexible manufacturing cells that reduce assembly time
  • Ensuring short delivery times for standard designs, and guaranteed delivery dates for even the most complex projects

Systems Integration

Our Systems Integration services division recognises that no control panel or discrete controller can stand alone in a modern water processing environment. CEMA Ltd’s effective integration service provides the means to leverage the power of individual systems to deliver optimum efficiency and productivity. Meeting the needs of our customers does not therefore start and end with the design and manufacture of control panels. It begins with a thorough understanding of how our customers work and the challenges they face, and it extends to encompass not just panel installation but full systems integration. CEMA Ltd recognises that effective systems integration is about much more than simply bringing component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that they function together. Rather, CEMA Ltd's integration services deliver systems which harness all the data available and translate that data into a seamless flow of meaningful information to provide a clear window into the process.


Meeting industry requirements for smoother project implementation, CEMA Ltd’s Site Services division is able to offer the full range of delivery, installation, commissioning, training and existing asset on site modifications. We successfully manage a whole range of projects, and can take a job from concept through design, installation and testing to completion.


We have extensive experience in working with not only the water utility on any given project, but also with multiple control equipment vendors, contractors and consultants.

Networks and Cabling

For Network and Cabling Installation Services, CEMA Ltd is an NICEIC approved contractor, with extensive experience in both new systems installation and refurbishment of existing equipment. Our project experience in delivering site services to the water industry encompasses everything from MCC installation and cabling, to the installation of site level controls, to the rewiring of control systems for existing plant, to re-cabling and updating a whole water or sewage treatment works.

We also have a broad experience in and excellent working knowledge of CDM regulations with our resources including commissioning and testing engineers based across the UK. We are expert in providing a complete design package, NICEIC approved, expert in ATEX extensions, specialists in refurbishment, expert in fibre optic cabling, able to provide full compliance to BS 7671 and periodic testing including full documentation and manuals.

An important differentiator for CEMA Ltd is our high level of post-project support and system maintenance. We are able to provide a range of tailored services, from a "man in a van" to total care packages, all at highly competitive rates. We can provide remote diagnostics capabilities to back-up critical plant and control systems, with full access to technical support and the availability of 24/7 telephone support.


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Our Culture and Values

Health, safety & wellbeing are integral to all our processes & practices.

Value-added, mutually beneficial & collaborative partnerships make us stronger.

Continuous improvement, agility, creativity & innovation are vital to our sustainability.

We deliver outstanding quality, service and support to meet the needs of our customers.

Our People are our greatest asset.

We take pride in everything that we do.

What Being a Sustainable Business means to CEMA Ltd


Safety, Environment

and Quality

Latest News

Our People, Community, Academia

& Charity


  • Staff Nominated Charity
  • Edennred staff reward scheme
  • STEM Ambassadors
  • IET Professional Registration
  • Work Experience Placements

Community Projects

Business Ethics,


and Leadership

  • Institute of Directors (IoD) Competency Framework.
  • Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Continual Professional Development and funded professional registration.
  • Board level commitment to operate a profitable and growing business.


Business Growth

And Innovation

  • Key Client focused key account management strategy.
  • Strategic and sustainable supply chain management.
  • Pump Centre Membership
  • Partnerships with academia, organisations and other businesses
  • Client Graduate Schemes - Internet of Things (IoT) projects



And Ethics

  • Equal opportunity employer.
  • Employee benefit schemes.
  • Read our slavery and human trafficking statement here


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